3 Reasons you don’t need a flagship smartphone

Samir Abdalla
6 min readAug 25, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra — Image Source: Engadget

In the age of information, it’s all about the devices that you have or you acquire, devices that would make it easy for you to connect to the outside world, devices that are now considered the top of technology of the world right now. These devices didn’t start from a long time, actually it’s considered one of the technologies that had taken over the world on a really fast pace, it reached to a point that is considered holding a smartphone is a prestige especially if it’s an expensive one, and that is the flagship smartphone.

Every technology in the world is divided into types or you could say maybe levels And you can differentiate between the type of this technologies with the specs that has been built with, like for example in cars, everybody knows that the BMW 5 Series is considered a flagship MID-Size sedan something that has 248 hp and that’s for the base model and it has a lot of luxuries that makes it a car with a high price which is around $54,200 which is a price that is higher than for example let’s say the Toyota Camry which is also considered a MID-Size sedan, with a 201 hp and a lot of features, and it’s from Toyota which is one of the best manufactures in terms of practicality but with all that it has a sticker price of $25,295 so with the price of the BMW 5 Series you can basically buy you 2 Toyota Camry’s, in the world of cars the BMW 5 Series is considered a flagship car, where the Toyota Camry is considered on the midrange side.

The same thing goes here on smartphones, as you all know the iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S lineup, the Huawei P lineup and the Google Pixel, these smartphones are considered the best in the market, with the highest specs available, they are considered flagships. But as you know the smartphone industry has a variety of smartphones that makes it so wide with so much options for every taste, including people who don’t want to pay too much for a smartphone.

A flagship is a smartphone that has all the latest specs at the same time the most powerful specs, usually a flagship smartphone has the best camera up to date on the industry, the fastest processor in the business, the best RAM and internal storage (usually Android flagship smartphones has more RAM than the iPhone, but the iPhone is considered pretty much faster), the biggest battery and the fastest charger. With taking all that into consideration, of course it came to your mind the prices of the flagship smartphones, which years back it started at only $699 and that’s including the iPhone, nowadays the flagship smartphones usually start at $999 which I think that it’s a lot of money. There are new segment of smartphones which is called flagship killers but we are going to talk about it in other time, now back to the pricing of the flagship smartphones, I think that a lot of people thought that this is a lot to pay for a smartphone, even if you have more than what it takes to buy these phones, it’s still an absurd deal.

Good thing that a lot of companies manufacture variety of smartphones in different segments, with my favorite being the midrange segment, which is considered the hottest segment in the industry right now and the one with the most variety of smartphones and the one with the most sales, and the reason for that, is that this segment has smartphones with relatively powerful specs, good cameras, excellent battery life and more, specs that maybe don’t allow it to compete with the flagship smartphones but at the same time are not considered bad, but let’s get into the reasons why you don’t need flagship smartphones.

They are too much expensive and you don’t really need to pay all that money

iPhone 12 — Image Source: The Verge

As I said before flagship smartphones are the most expensive smartphones on the market starting at $999 and going up to prices that are considered insane like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 which cost nearly $1499 respectively, give yourself a second and ask yourself this question, Do I really need to pay that cash for a smartphone? And the answer is No you don’t need to pay all that cash for a smartphone, there a lot of smartphones that are considered a really good bargain for prices that much lower than these smartphone prices, and it has a really awesome specs, and here you can think about the flagship killer, which is a segment that has been introduced a few years back, and this segment has smartphones that has usually the same specs of the flagship smartphones. The same CPU’s, the same RAM, the same internal storage and almost the same quality build, with a price that is much lower than these flagships, you can look at OnePlus as they are the company that created this segment, there is also realme, Xiaomi, VIVO, all these are manufactures that make flagship killers.

All smartphones can pretty much do the same things

Poco X3 NFC — Image Source: TechRadar

One of the things that you can notice now that is different than older times, is the support that these smartphones can give it’s user, all these devices can support certain apps that is considered widely used throughout the globe, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Tinder, Tik Tok and bunch more of the apps that users use in the world are supported by these devices, and the reason for that, is that these devices supports the most famous two OS’s in the world and those are Android and iOS, and developers of these apps develop their apps for both OS’s. What I’m saying that you don’t have two buy a flagship smartphone to run certain apps or use certain features, they all can shoot great videos and pictures (well flagship are better, but midrange smartphones can also do a good job), they run the same apps, they can let you play your beloved games like PUBG, they make calls, send SMS, tell you the time, help you with your appointments, remind you of certain things and much more, so at the end you don’t need a flagship smartphone to use certain features.

“Cheap smartphones are getting good and good smartphones are getting cheap” Marques Brownlee

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The famous tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee said on more than one occasion that cheap smartphones are getting good and good smartphones are getting cheap, and he is right, nowadays, cheap smartphones are getting damn good, and for example we can take OnePlus phones, as they are considered flagship killers, and that’s because they bring flagship specs at a really low price, Xiaomi also has smartphones that have really great specs at a price that is considered a bargain. Of course that wasn’t the case a few years back, if you want an example, you can take the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace, the first one is a flagship and the second is considered a midrange smartphone at the time, the difference between the two was really big. The displays, the quality build, the specs, it’s really noticeable, but nowadays, can you tell the difference between the Samsung Galaxy A72 and the Samsung Galaxy S21, where the first one is a midrange smartphone and the second is a flagship. So can you tell the difference between the two, they both have great specs, great displays, great battery life and good quality build. Weeks ago I bought the Samsung Galaxy A71, it’s considered a midrange smartphone, but with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, 6.67 FHD Super AMOLED display, an under display fingerprint scanner and a 4500mAH battery, it’s considered a flagship device to me not a midrange one.



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